AWS Data Migration Service

Our experience with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

Arkhotech data and analytics services & solutions can help our clients to have more accurate and reliable information to make better decisions based on insights, research and visualization. Database Migration Service DMS has become one of our pillar service, providing a reliable and trusted tool for data replication from onPremises to Cloud repositories.

Arkhotech uses DMS for many use cases, from moving data to build a central repository in S3 as datalake solution, to migrate databases to RDS instances. Using DMS, we are able to show results quickly and accurate. DMS accelerate the process of moving data from on premises to cloud, giving flexibility and visibility to our clients with a reliable process. DMS pricing model is simple and gives different options to design solutions according any needs.

By using AWS Database Migration Service DMS we have seen different customers leverage the next business benefits:

  • Data migration on cloud from early stages in our projects; easy configuration and deployment of DMS task help to reduce time to market and show effectiveness and compelling results.
  • Tracking and logging how the migration process is going, is one of the features DMS provides, giving enough information for administrators in understanding how the process is progressing.
  • Integration with Cloudwatch gives information of multiple variables and the opportunity to determine where could be a potential problem for both preventive and corrective actions.
  • Open up the possibility to migrate database engines and migrate from version to version, reducing complexities and software license needs.
  • Allow having real time synchronization between different data sources with low-impact on underlying systems.
  • Easy datalake construction. S3 as target and central repository give the possibility to use RAW data to multiple and heterogenous systems, as well as source of insights and data exploration.

Some of our customer stories

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