DMS for government institutions

The customer

An institution of the Chilean public government responsible for planning, managing, coordinating, executing and supervising all health public policies formulated by Chile. The importance of its administration is to contribute to making the population healthier; to develop the healthcare systems in a people-centered manner; to strengthen control over those factors that could impact health; and to support the national medical attention network.

The business challenge

Having multiple data sources and large amounts of information, this institution required to make more efficient its data management, reducing the time of analysis and classification, from non-structured and structured information to bring more assets to make better decisions.

In this context, it is essential to modernize data systems that are currently hosted on-premises using IBM Netezza and PostgreSQL databases, to allow the creation of a data lake and a data warehouse solution.  This data structure aims to make possible to execute complex analysis and queries on the data in the future.

The migration has to be in charge of keeping a continuous update of information over a Redshift server, where the business user must obtain its reports through Tableau business intelligence platform. In long term, solution requires to be able to query information from S3 through Athena and AWS Quicksight.

The results

  • Data warehouse solution as target of multiple data sources, Redshift supporting multiple queries and business questions.
  • Data migration from origin IBM Netezza on-premise to AWS S3 and Redshift, using Schema Conversion Tool SCT (DMS does not support IBM Netezza at this moment). SCT agent and UIX Designer were configured working in-sync.
  • Data migration from PostgreSQL on-premise to Redshift, with multiple data sources in a full+ongoing mode. Data encryption using KMS were applied on target, IAM roles configured to support it.
  • Migration process is being constantly monitored trough CloudWatch dashboards. Alerts and thresholds help the process to be more controlled and action-able.