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AWS Lambda

Our experience with AWS Lambda

By using AWS Lambda a serverless compute service powered by Amazon Web Services, Arkhotech has built modern cloud native services that operate at AWS scale, performance and security. Cloud Native Serverless services provide high-availability, significant lower costs on infrastructure, automatic scaling on high demand events and advance monitoring and workflow flow orchestration through Step Functions.

A simplified deployment model provides Lambda architectures with an asynchronous response model based on events and automated pipelines for deployment. This allows digital transformation teams to focus on business code only.

By deploying a serverless architecture we see our clients achieve multiple benefits:

  • Significant lower costs on infrastructure paying only for the use of execution time.
  • Low complexity for deployment and DevOps pipeline provisioning, making team available for focusing on business code.
  • Automatic high availability, scaling and advanced monitoring and orchestration.
  • Completely automated administration lowering operational costs and Cloud TCO.
  • Ready to go APIs to access AWS Services from Lambda functions and providing complex integration architectures.
  • Ability to run on the edge making easier to deliver richer, personalized content and responses to end user with lower latency.

Some of our customer stories

Serverless backend for Coordinador Electrico Nacional

Serverless backend for Ministry of Education of Chile