Serverless backend for Coordinador Electrico Nacional

The customer

The National Electrical Coordinator is the agency in charge of coordinating the operation of the Chilean electrical system. One of the responsibilities of the institute is the coordination of projects of the companies that participate in the field of energy generation and distribution nationwide. Any company (national or international) that submits a project and needs to connect to the national central distribution system, must submit it first to the National Electrical Coordinator, who validates and endorses the technical feasibility, as well as compliance with current technical and legal regulations.

The Business Challenge

The process of project validation, including the storage of documentation and approval flows, was mainly carried out manually without the support of automated tools. This manual mechanism does not allow scaling according to the number of projects and regulated entities that are planned for the next years. CEN handles hundred of simultaneous requests, which makes the management of these projects, unsustainable without the support of an application that facilitates this task.

CEN was looking to automate the complete workflow process for handling approval flows, document and information submission, while generation critical KPIs for process monitoring and legal compliance approval.

The results

  • Client frontend application implemented through S3 + Cloudfront.
  • Integration layer through API Gateway.
  • Backend implemented through lambda functions orchestrated with Step Functions.
  • Tasks programmed through Lambda and Cloudwatch.
  • RDS Database for persistence of business data.
  • S3 for file storage and frontend applications.
  • Significant lower TCO cost by reduction operational costs and support team, and by paying only by used services.