Serverless backend for processing FAQ for Ministry of Education of Chile

The customer

The ministry of education of Chile (MINEDUC), is responsible for managing all the policies related to education development and education budget management. The responsibility of MINEDUC reaches all levels of education, from basic to university and post-graduate degrees. One of the main responsibilities of MINEDUC is to keep the Chilean community informed about of its public policies and provide correct information to all Chilean citizens.

The business challenge

The Educational certificates emission for the Chilean citizens it’s one of most used services in the country. The manual certificate generation was very expensive as it involved the call center, manual document processing and being able to response an increasing number of requests through call center channel. MINEDUC was looking to provide automatic self-service services through a chatbot in which the citizens were able to automatically generate educational certificates.

Finally, the drivers that ensure the best solution to MINEDUC where:

  • Chat Analysis: Use of lambda for validate, flow control and extract keywords from user/Lex chat interactions.
  • Search and Index: Based on MINEDUC taxonomy, create a database that permits information classification and allows a reliable index for searching.
  • Question & Answer Data Management: Layer that maintains all information in the system.
  • Full Management: The implementation takes advantage of serverless technology that reduces operational cost and significant lower TCO costs.
  • High Availability: The application must ensure HA without management.

The results

  • Lex and Application maintainer are handled by Lambda backend layer.
  • The conversational flow its managed and validated by Lambda.
  • An intelligent searching was implemented over AWS Elasticsearch for Keywords, tags and responses, all managed by lambda.
  • Minimal human interaction for operation. Automatic response before requirement grow up.
  • Very low cost against traditional on-premise or virtual machine infrastructure. Serverless allows to implement a static site over S3, saving costs of infrastructure while not using it.
  • Faster time to market, Faster development time and Faster deploys.