AWS Redshift

Our experience with AWS Redshift

Arkhotech data and analytics services & solutions, can help our clients to have more accurate and reliable information to make better decisions based on insights, research and visualization. AWS Redshift has become one of our pillar services, providing a highly scalable and fast datawarehouse solution in the AWS Cloud.

Arkhotech uses Redshift for many use cases, including querying large datasets and analysis capabilities, highly scalable concurrent query model and support for Python store procedures and scalar functions accessing analytics data models.

By using AWS Redshift we have seen different customers leverage the next business benefits:

  • Support for large datasets and highly scalable storage models, supporting the needs of growing information analysis.
  • Support for stored procedures and scalar functions, giving power users access to underlying optimized storage model.
  • High reduction on required query times and faster business responses.
  • Support for BI tools integration using common standard SQL language.
  • Highly integrated into data analytics reference architectures over AWS clouds,
    supporting a next step for data analysis and requirements.

Some of our customer stories

Providing datawarehouse for an insurance company

Providing datawarehouse for a travel company