Providing Cloud Data Warehouse for a travel company

The customer

JetSMART is a low-cost airline created by a private investment fund called Indigo Partners, with over 15 years of experience developing successful Ultra Low-Cost airlines worldwide. Currently, JetSMART is growing in the region with flights in Chile, Argentina and Peru and the main goal of connecting millions of people around South America.

Data is one of the key drivers of JetSMART for making decisions based on facts, relevant information and behavior of the business so it is important to keep a trusted environment where the data could be accessed and consumed to show the actual status of the company based on different KPI.

The results

By using AWS Redshift the customer has increased the analytics capabilities of cloud data analytics architecture, providing next business benefits:

  • Use the Redshift Store Procedures feature to move the data within the cluster. Because of the fact that the data exists already in the Cluster there was no need to take it out of Redshift.
  • Faster query and business insights using, and analytical Star Schema model and best standard practices.
  • Better error handling and support for quality model, using faster monitoring and better error handling mechanisms.
  • Achieve cost-optimization reusing existing cloud architecture. Many backed tables were simplified once data warehouse model was used.
  • Efficient Redshift best practices by optimization on keys, compression and data split capabilities.
  • The proposed design automates the way that BI team generates BI reports. This is an entry point for building and scalable Data Warehouse when different consumers can take information for better decisions across the different areas in the company.

BI tools integration using standard SQL dialect with Microsoft Power BI through Power BI Gateway Services.