AWS Serverless Solutions

Our experience with AWS Serverless Solutions

Arkhotech is helping clients to lead development paradigm shift, moving workloads that previously required to manage underlying infrastructure, to modern native cloud models where operations rely on AWS, and as a team we can focus on business needs, increasing agility, innovation and decentralizing learning curves.

Serverless technologies have been core of the solutions Arkhotech is delivering to our customers, ultra-scalable products with no server maintenance, is key for reducing overhead in development time and avoid overdesigned architectures; broad support of frameworks and languages improve velocity as long as promote multi-skills teams.

Using serverless, we have also helped our clients to reduce the total cost of ownership and have deeper understanding to compare traditional infrastructure with the AWS Serverless platform.

Different uses cases support our experience with serverless technologies, below you can find some of them.


Amazon API Gateway

– Service exposition for backend layer such as lambda functions.

– Single entry point for multiple applications encapsulating authorization, caching and load balancing.

– Canary deployment automated using AWS DevOps tools.


Amazon Cognito

– Single-Sign-On SSO implementations centralizing authentication and authorization services for web applications.

– Federating identities from Windows Server Active Directory (Identity Provider – IdP) through SAML and User Pools.

– Integration with OAuth2 providers.

– Backend integrations via API SDK (custom).


AWS Lambda

– Backend business logic layer responding front events for human workflows.

– ETL processing from multiple data sources (Redshift, RDS and S3) to different endpoints.

– Event triggering for handling boundary conditions, CloudWatch alarms or S3 events.

– Cron events for processing data, validating results and sending notifications.


AWS Step Functions

– Orchestration for data enrichment and transformation, invoking lambdas and Amazon EMR services to process large data volumes to be persisted in Redshift.

– Automated Star schema building with lambda functions filling dimensions and fact tables in Redshift.

Some of our customer stories

Applying serverless to the Low Cost Airlines Industry