Fundación Arturo López Pérez (FALP)

The customer

Fundación Arturo López Pérez (FALP) is a non-profit institution using a solidarity model that enables a full set of medical services for cancer disease treatment in Chile. Thanks to the Oncology Agreement and the contribution of their affiliates and associate companies, the foundation provides expert medical services against cancer, dedicated to diagnosis, treatment, research and education.

The business challenge

The client required a website for digital presence to facilitate interaction within the clinic and the different services offered by the foundation. The cloud infrastructure uses two frontline applications used as main communication digital channel between the company and end patients, providing general content on the foundation, cancer disease, treatment, research as well as self-service features. The next major key themes motivated the use of AWS CloudFormation technologies:

– Strategic Digital website. Create a digital website that represents the Brand, using the associated look and feel for the institute.

– Better Customer Service. Provide key self-service capabilities for end patients and their families, including access to key content, appointment scheduling, payment, etc.

– Ensure Scalability. In alignment with a regional digital business strategy, be able to scale the service out among different countries.

– Best Performance. Be able to reduce time involved on executing business integrations and user interactions.

– Reduce Operational Costs. Create IT assets and technology in an automated way, so operational costs are kept to a minimum.

– Support Business and Analytics Metrics. Integrate third party tools for providing key business and service operation metrics.

The results

As a result of automation and codebase infrastructure automation, our client is using AWS Cloudformation as a Continuous Delivery system using the whole services stack AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, and supporting the following main characteristics:

– Automated Deploy for each change made in any branch configured for production and test environment, providing easy implementation and version control and decrease time-to-market on new functionalities.

– Support for replication of a complete base infrastructure for new environments, thus further reducing operational costs on TI activities.

– Fast resolution of incidents and easy to implement a CI delivery pipeline using AWS resources.