Our client

Zhejiang is the biggest chinese mall in Santiago de Chile, offering a wide offer of products and as a retail or wholesale site, it makes merchandise available for distribution and sale.

The website store was launched in 2017 and online payment is supported through WebPay by Transbank.

Also, the Ecommerce solution supports direct sales at the shop and reduce the delivery time of goods and merchandise.

The customer wanted to build an Ecommerce solution with modern and light technologies using and taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Service availability and security were the key drivers for the built of the solution; using AWS technologies we guarantee a stable and scalable service for the number of visitors that the store has.

Some of the activities we executed during the construction of the Ecommerce platform:

  • Wireframing, design and functional integration for the new public website.
  • Configuration of a high available architecture using AWS services like Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scalling, RDS MultiAZ and CloudFront.
  • Analytics, TagManager, Mailing, E-commerce and Transbank integrations.

To learn more, visit Zheshang ecommerce website at www.zheshang.cl